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Changelog for StarShapes:


Version: 1.02
released: 2009-04-21

  • Fixed drawing of the grid in the symbol editor panel.
  • Preserving the last subshape used while editing a symbol.
  • Preserving the layout of expanded nodes in the primitive property grid.
  • Fixed tab name in the polyline editor window.
  • Fixed bug with editing arc primitives.

Version: 1.01
released: 2009-03-30

  • Displaying cursor coordinates while editing symbols.
  • Fixed bounds for minimum/maximum zoom for editing symbols.
  • Fixed bug which may have caused problems with editing attributes of primitives with the property grid.
  • Fixed bug which may have caused exception while decreasing the height of the main window.
  • Fixed bug which disallowed changing the size of the main window with the grip in the bottom-right corner of the window.