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StarCAD Standard

Changelog for StarCAD Standard:


Version: 1.05
released: 2011-01-25

  • Fixed bug with creating leaders in non-standard views.
  • Fixed bug in ROTATE operation.
  • Fixed bug in PURGE operation with nested blocks.
  • Fixed bugs in MTEXT editor window.
  • Fixed bug with putting annotations in blocks.
  • Fixed bug with creating empty texts.
  • Fixed bug with color representation in HATCH dialog.
  • Fixed bug with layout cloning.
  • Fixed bug with reading colors from DWG files.
  • Fixed bug with reading HATCH objects form DXF files.
  • Fixed bug with reading text styles from DXF files.
  • Fixed bug with reading dimension styles from DWG files (version 2000).
  • Fixed bug with undo feature.
  • Optimized memory consumption for HATCH objects.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

Version: 1.04
released: 2010-05-28

  • New feature: saving to DWG format (versions R14 and 2000).
  • Fixed bug with creating angular dimensions.
  • Fixed bug in ZOOM command.
  • Fixed bug with setting the line type of object from a layer.
  • Fixed bug with annotation area.
  • Fixed bugs in SPLINE command and issues with spline snapping.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

Version: 1.03
released: 2010-03-15

  • Added "Yes to all", "No to all" options in the dialog window displayed while closing drawings.
  • It is possible to close dialog windows with the "x" button in the top-right corner of the window.
  • Fixed bugs in current layer, color, line type and line weight controls.
  • Fixed bugs in FILLET/CHAMFER operations.
  • Fixed bugs with 2D POLYLINE (LW) editing.
  • Fixed bugs in RECTANGLE command.
  • Fixed bugs in ARC command.
  • Fixed bugs with text editing.
  • Fixed bugs with dimension creating.
  • Fixed bugs with opening drawings containing dimensions.
  • Fixed bugs in TRIM/EXTEND operations.
  • Fixed bugs and improved performance of hatch creating.
  • Fixed bug which may have caused errors when opening drawings with hatches.
  • Fixed bugs with saving/loading some geometrical objects.
  • Fixed bug in hatch pattern selection dialog window.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

Version: 1.02
released: 2010-02-12

  • New, customizable GUI.
  • New creation modes for ARC entities.
  • Overriding snappoint types for a single prompt (Shift + RMB).
  • Fixed bug in "scale dimension to layout" feature.
  • Fixed bug with improper dimstyle values after reading some DXF files.
  • Fixed bug with selecting entities with direct hits.
  • Fixed bug with prevented grips from being hidden after entities were copied with COPYCLIP (Ctrl+C).
  • Fixed behavior of entity modification commands when the current viewport is in the perspective mode.
  • Fixed bugs in dimension style manager dialog window.
  • Fixed behavior of ORTHO and POLAR features for non-standard UCS.
  • Fixed bug with stretching DIMENSION entities by using multiple grips.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

Version: 1.01
released: 2009-12-18

  • Added alias customization feature.
  • Added information about the evaluation period left.
  • Fixed bug which might have caused problems with saving long block names to DXF R12.
  • Fixed bug which might have disallowed creating MTEXT objects in modelspace viewports.
  • Fixed bug which might have caused improper look of arc length dimensions created in other applications.
  • Fixed bug in the text formatting dialog.
  • Fixed bug with moving the text in angular dimensions and arc length dimensions.
  • Fixed minor bugs.